“Well Done for 2011!”

“All my students got A’s! Social enterprise Scholars’ Village made news!”

Scholars’ Village (状元村) is a talent development centre for students and professionals who aspire to achieve, regardless of their background and level of knowledge. We have motivated students and professionals from diverse backgrounds whom we will grow into the leaders of tomorrow.

Our tutors and coaches are SUCCESSFUL scholars, teachers, bankers, doctors, lawyers and other professionals, who have the passion and experience to help you achieve top grades and enhance your career! We give you our best, so that you will bring out the best in yourself.

Our MISSION is to develop your fullest potential and help you achieve your success.

Our VISION is to be the premier global institution for talent development.

In order to achieve our mission and vision, we are committed to quality education and the training and development of our tutors and mentors, so that they can better support your development. In addition, Scholars’ Village believes in the greater good of the community and commits itself to giving to needy and worthy social causes yearly.

Pls contact us now to begin your new journey of achievements:

Scholars’ Tuition Program classic tuition classes for you to achieve top grades!
Olympiad Village accelerated learning and exam preparatory courses for all students; and olympiad training for inter-school and international competitions
Mentors Program 


SpringBoard Program

placement of students and professionals with mentors to enhance and grow success! 


hands-on training program to help talented jobseekers move into their desired jobs in the finance sector

英文集中训练课程 专为在新加坡留学的中国中小学生设计的入学考试准备课程 (AEIS/PT Test Preparation Course)
Student Journalist Program a top-class experiental learning program from wise people at the top of their field!

“Eng Yew is a very kind person and renders helps to others selflessly…. He is dedicated to bring the top education service to schools and to students. most of the students like him because of his effectiveness in teaching. i would say that scholars village is a charity organization…. His friends, including me, benefited from his help. he helps me in refining the resume and providing career advice. Only when you talk to him, will you know his kind heart and passion in helping others.” Roslin Zhu, Equity Analyst, Tantallon Capital.

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