All my Students got As! Social Enterprise Scholars’ Village made News!

Dear friends,

I am proud to announce that all my O Level students got mostly A1s and the rest A2s from instances of F9 and D, while all my PSLE students improved at least 1 grade. I am very happy for them and wish them success in future endeavours.

We help you improve your school results with the Y-Cube strategy!


  1. Correct weaknesses;
  2. Reinforce strengths; and
  3. meaningful practice.

Genevieve (Compassvale)

A Maths from F9 to A1

Jun Ying (Deyi SS) A Maths improved to A1; Chemistry improved to A2
Natalie (now at Raffles JC) Chemistry from C5 to A1
Yong Yan (now AJC) Physics from C6 to A2

Jia Wei (Guangyang Pri)


Science from B to A; Maths from B to A*

Science from C to B; Maths from C to B

I am proud to inform that my education centre, Scholars’ Village (状元村), has made news on LianHe ZaoBao page 11 of 11 Feb 2009, with photos of students and tutors. You can read it here:

Scholars’ Village is a social enterprise that offers tuition, olympiad training, university/career advisory and mentorship programs. From these programs, we support talent development.

In July, we sponsored Experiences ’09 – a US universities fair, and offered pro bono career and university advice to students seeking higher education at top global universities. In August, we were a sponsor of the concert of Ms Tang Tee Khoon – a world-renowned home-grown Singapore violinist who plays the prestigious J.B. Guadagnini violin loaned from the National Arts Council. In the same month, we supported a school newsletter at St. Andrew’s Junior College promoting social graciousness. Eng Yew is relentless and passionate in seeking out opportunities to support talent development.

Thank you for your support of Scholars’ Village, who brings not only best education to our students by best tutors and mentors, but also best support to the development of our talents.


“Eng Yew is a very kind person and renders helps to others selflessly…. He is dedicated to bring the top education service to schools and to students. most of the students like him because of his effectiveness in teaching. i would say that scholars village is a charity organization…. His friends, including me, benefited from his help. he helps me in refining the resume and providing career advice. Only when you talk to him, will you know his kind heart and passion in helping others.” Roslin Zhu, Equity Analyst, Tantallon Capital.

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