Realize Dreams – “Careers After the Bond” Sharing Session

Realize Dreams – “Careers After the Bond” Sharing Session

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Date / Time: 14 Aug 2010 (Sat), 10am – 12pm

Venue: Victoria Junior College (VJC)


  • HungryGoWhere Co-founder & MD, Mr Dennis Goh
  • PayPal Engineer, Mr Steven Chan
  • VP in Banking, Mr Delvin Tan

Moderator: Scholars’ Village Founder & Chief Advisor, Mr Yeoh Eng Yew

“Careers After the Bond” is honoured to invite HungryGoWhere co-founder Mr Dennis Goh, PayPal engineer Mr Steven Chan and Finance VP Mr Delvin Tan to share about their careers and experiences after going through the scholarship bond, moderated by Scholars’ Village founder & chief advisor Mr Yeoh Eng Yew.

Students from IP schools, JCs and secondary schools are invited to participate. Scholars, ex-scholars and scholarship applicants are welcome to join us.

Dennis was from the Administrative Service – the cream of the crop of the government, drafting policies that shape Singapore’s future. He is now more famous for meeting the demands of picky foodies in Singapore. Just as we thought he has had enough of it, he’s now looking for more work overseas. Talk about his dedication to good food!

Steven graduated from MIT and was a MICA scholar, who dreams about optical fibres being laid all over Singapore. Now, he builds software infrastructure that are critical to online financial transactions at PayPal.

Delvin was a PSC scholar with DSTA and later a product structurer at Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). He is now VP in Risk at a local bank. He’s a surprisingly candid and pleasant personality who raises your brows and still makes you happy.

Eng Yew is a scholar who is passionate about nurturing and developing talent. He believes that talents must make deliberate, informed decisions in their careers to bring themselves to the next level. He founded Scholars’ Village in 2008 to provide quality tuition, Olympiad and career advisory services. He has brilliant partners and believers who help him grow successes from people around him.

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