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I was also once a student, taught by my parents to study hard and achieve top grades. Yet, I also had a creative and restless mind and body that brought me to excel in a long list of co-curricular activities. Many thought I was a workaholic (aka “mugger”), but I wasn’t. I simply went for lectures and did my tutorials. I had worked out a learning strategy that worked for me – the Y-Cube Strategy, which, in short, focused on:

  1. Identifying and correcting my weaknesses;
  2. Reinforcing my strengths; and
  3. Doing meaningful practice, and enjoying it, in large amounts.

Beyond studies, I further found the time to work out my plan to become a doctor with good observation skills and goal setting. Keeping focused on this plan, I was accepted into medical school and Stanford (and another top university that I eventually did not pick).

The choice of either medical school or Stanford may be a luxury to many, but I found it disturbing instead. This decision could determine my career for life and I had only 7 days to decide. Many ‘why’ and ‘what if’ questions flooded my mind and I was drowning in negative and roundabout arguments. Fortunately, by the end of 7 days, I emerged stronger than before with my mind set on Stanford.

“What is the life of a doctor like?”, “What are the career advancement opportunities as a doctor?”, “What kind of doctor do I want to be?” – It was ironic that I did not have the answers to these questions, despite all the hard work I had put in to prepare myself for my career as a doctor. I had always focused on answering the question “How?”, but not “Why?”.

With my plan and achievements, I had impressed successful individuals who mentored me in different areas. I worked hard and excelled on their advice, but regrettably neglected thinking about and planning for my own career.

In Singapore, our careers are almost all decided after JC when we choose our universities and majors, but how many of us are adequately prepared for this decision? How many of us made our choice, only to regret it and to make a career shift later?

How many of us studied so hard but still got beaten by the examinations? There is a technique to it, but only if you’re willing to learn it.

My team and I have walked down your path before and we have the answers – on how to avoid the pitfalls and on how to make it easier and better for you. At Scholars’ Village, we help you plan early for Success and guide you in growing your SUCCESSES. Together, we can grow the SUCCESSES of those around us.


By Founder & Chief Advisor

Eng Yew

“He help polish my CV, not only the grammar, but also the content. great work” June 7, 2009 
Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Good Value 
Chuanwen Dong (Zhejiang University graduate now working in Germany)
hired Eng Yew as a Career Coach in 2008

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