Olympiad Village

Do you want to make studying simpler and easier so that you have more time for other pursuits? 
Or do you want to scale and overcome that ultimate peak in academics?

Olympiad Village has the answers to both. Headed by Mr Chua Wee Kang – an International Olympiad coach, successful tutor and NUS quantum physics researcher all in one, Olympiad Village is the leading academic program in Singapore that offers Olympiad training, exam power sessions and accelerated learning courses.

Olympiads are the ultimate national and global competitions that crown student champions, and Scholars’ Village grows champions. We have a team of dedicated ex-Olympians and qualified coaches who will challenge you progressively to bring out your fullest potential. Our aim is to secure your entry into your school’s Olympiad team and eventually clinch national and international gold Olympiad medals.

Exam power sessions help you prepare for all subjects at PSLE, ‘O’ Levels and ‘A’ Levels. We impart exam strategies and knowledge management techniques to help you organize all the examinable information in an easy and meaningful model to help you in your final push towards the big exams. Our aim is to help you secure the best grades for the critical exams so that you will secure easy entry into your desired institution of higher learning.

Designed by Mr Chua himself, accelerated learning classes will highlight general principles in the subject matter so that it becomes simpler and fun to learn. Once you have understood your subject matter well within a shorter time, you can pursue our Olympiad training classes or allocate more time for leisure or other pursuits. Accelerated learning classes are available for mathematics and sciences in lower secondary, upper secondary and junior college levels. Our aim is to make learning simpler, faster and more enjoyable for you, so that you are able to further that learning experience or allocate more time to other pursuits.

Olympiad courses are displayed in the tuition schedule here. Pls contact us to find out more about our Olympiad courses.


Sciences Tutor – Mr Chua

Mr Chua is a superb Olympiad tutor for Physics and Chemistry. Besides being one of the MOE-designated coach for the International Junior Science Olympiad, he has tutored many students to achieve “A”s for Science papers at all levels. He is one of the top Physics graduates at the prestigious California Institute of Technology, an International Chemistry Olympiad silver medalist and Chemistry Olympiad gold medalist. He is currently doing research into quantum physics at NUS and regularly teaches Physics to NUS Physics undergraduates.

Math Tutor – Mr Ng

Mr Ng is a great Olympiad tutor with few who can parallel him in his expertise in teaching, especially in Maths. He was a NIE researcher who specialised in helping students learn more quickly. He had also coached the Raffles Institution Maths Club in competitive maths before.

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