Scholars’ Tuition Program

Do you want regular help on your schoolwork weekly?
Or has it come to the closing weeks before the exams and you need help?

Scholars’ Tuition Program offers solutions in both situations. It covers specialized training in subjects from Primary 3 through Secondary School to Junior College years 1 and 2. Classic tuition classes help students excel in their everyday schoolwork, while exam booster classes help students prepare for their semester and yearly exams in the closing weeks. Our aim is to have you motivated to learn, help you achieve greatest improvement in your grades and maintain top performance at all times.

Our tutors are past and present teachers, scholars, Olympiad elite and other professionals with tutoring or teaching experience. Because of our experience and expertise, we are confident of producing the best results.

Our tuition schedule and tutor profiles are as follow. Pls contact us now to book your ticket to academic mastery. If our schedule missed out certain subject(s) that you would like to learn from Scholars’ Village, pls let us know and we will look into how we can help you out.

“People developer…with a heart for developing young talents” May 25, 2009
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Level Subject Date/Time Level Subject Date/Time
Pri 6 English Sun, 2-3.30pm Sec 3 English TBD
Maths Sat, 2-4pm

Sat, 4.30-6.30pm

A Maths Sun, 1-2.30pm
Science Sat, 4.30-6.30pm (NA) Maths Sat, 12-1.30pm
Physics Sun, 10-11.30am
Sec 1 English Sun, 11.30-1pm Chemistry Sun, 11.30-1pm
Maths Sun, 2.30-4pm Physics Olympiad Sun, 3.30-5pm
Science Sun, 4-5.30pm
Sec 4 English TBD
Sec 2 English Sun, 11.30-1pm A Maths Sun, 1-2.30pm
Maths Sun, 4-6pm (NT) Maths Sat, 12-1.30pm
Science Sun, 2-4pm Physics Sat, 1.30-3pm
Chemistry Sat, 3-4.30pm
JC 2 Maths Sat, 7-8.30pm



Sciences & Maths Teacher – Mr Yeoh

Mr Yeoh is a brilliant and experienced Sciences and Maths tutor who has helped “F” students achieve “A” in 3 months. Being extremely modest, he attributes these successful examples to his students’ hard work. His coaching has indeed inspired a few students to be more achieving and hardworking.

Mr Yeoh achieved his Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Engineering and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University and had worked for the Undergraduate Advising Center to tutor Stanford undergraduates in Maths and Physics. He was awarded gold in Chemistry Olympiad and Math Competitions. More details of Mr Yeoh can be found on “Our Advisors” page.

Ms Zhu – Maths

Affectionately known as Teacher Roslin, Ms Zhu is a highly dedicated and effective teacher. Her students adore her, because she loves her students in her strict but loving manner. They enjoy Maths much more after taking her classes despite having a lot of exercises and practices, and hence improve in their grades in Maths. She has a small pyramid of Teacher’s Day gifts at her desk, that we are all envious of.
Mr Daniel – Physics

Mr Daniel is a strict but loving teacher who specializes in helping students who learn more slowly. His students sing praises of his dedication and determination in helping them. He is always persistent in his efforts to ensure that his students learn and love the learning.
Mr Dai – JC Physics / Maths Olympiad

Mr Dai is a skilled but friendly PhD student in Physics, who has helped RJC students prepare for International Olympiads. His teaching experience both at secondary and tertiary levels helps his students learn more effectively.


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