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Scholars’ Village runs 4 programs to help you achieve top grades and enhance your career – the Scholars’ Tuition Program, the Olympiad Village, the Mentors Program and 英语集中训练课程. Your contribution to these programs helps us support needy and worthy causes to create a better world.

For the Scholars’ Tuition Program, we have past and present teachers, scholars, Olympiad elite and outstanding experienced tutors coaching you to get your A’s. See your tutors and Scholars’ Tuition Program schedules HERE!

At the Olympiad Village, qualified coaches and olympiad medalists teach you accelerated learning techniques and exam preparatory classes, empowering you to understand complex concepts and score ‘A’s easily. You can also participate in olympiad training to prepare for inter-school, national and international competitions. See the Olympiad tutors and Olympiad Village schedule HERE!

The Mentors Program puts you beside a mentor you choose – a scholar, banker, doctor, lawyer or other professional – to guide you to make the best decisions in school, career and life. You can also approach specialised mentors in making milestone decisions, like how to get into top universities in the US, UK, Australia and China, and in pursuing personal development. See your mentors and the Mentors Program schedule HERE!

Your tutors and mentors here at Scholars’ Village, who are past and present scholars, teachers, bankers, lawyers, doctors and other professionals, are here to ensure and grow your SUCCESSES!


“People developer…with a heart for developing young talents” May 25, 2009 
ghee ling oh , Portfolio Investment Associate , UT Asset Management

“Hi, Eng Yew,

I’d like to tell you a good news that I get the MBA offer from Marshall Business School, the University of Southern California which ranks among top 20 in the US with … fellowship.
Thank you for all your help.
If you come to Shanghai or US, don’t forget to contact me.

Best Wishes,
Grace” Chuanwen’s friend in China gained admission into her top choice MBA school with Eng Yew’s help.

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