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The SpringBoard Program helps people get their desired jobs through coaching and mentorship by experienced and skilled professionals. The Program comprises 3 sub-programs: the Resume/Applications Project, the Coaching Project and the Equity Research Training Program.

The Resume Project (including advice on College/MBA Applications)
Leader: Eng Yew, passionate career coach with more than 3 years’ experience.

This Resume Project helps candidates showcase their best side to potential hirers and university admissions offices, leaving them a lasting impression that outshines the rest. Over a span of 8 weeks, candidates meet and discuss with Eng Yew to review their resumes or applications such that the documents paint a purposeful story of the writers, enhancing their chances of success in conquering that crucial first step to get interviews.

Eng Yew has helped many professionals enhance their resumes and college/MBA applications, boasting a successful internship placement at an investment bank and admissions with fellowships/scholarships to top business schools like INSEAD and USC-Marshall. His international clientele stretches from young undergraduates to vice-presidents of commercial and investment banks. For his outstanding work, Eng Yew was featured in the “Young & Ambitious” column (page 63) of the Jan 2010 Singapore ACCA “Accounting and Business” magazine.

The Coaching Project
Leader: Benjamin, CFA , life coach and stockbroker with a regional bank

This Coaching Project helps candidates realize and develop their potential to achieve the most out of their careers. Over the span of 12 weeks, candidates meet and discuss with Ben to set personal goals, make a plan and execute it to achieve those goals. It is a structured process that has brought candidates to greater achievements in their careers.

Benjamin is a life coach who has experience working with finance sector professionals. He has worked in a number of roles in the financial sector in the past 12 years, and his wealth of experience benefit the candidates he coaches.

The Equity Research Training Program
Leader: Yo-Man, passionate buy-side analyst

This Equity Research Training Program helps candidates acquire the precise industry skills, discipline and mindset to enter, survive and thrive in an equity analyst role.  Candidates complete REAL equity analysis work with guidance from Yo-Man.

Yo-man is a instructor with CFA Singapore and has his Words of Wisdom for jobseekers and CFA students compiled under our “News” Section.

Yo-Man is a passionate buy-side analyst willing to share his expertise with candidates who have proven to be capable of delivering timely and quality work for him.  His passion for his equity analysis work and coaching has earned him not only respect from his peers both inside and outside the industry, but also a growing team of amateur analysts supporting his cause.

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