SpringBoard Program Season 2 Application

Dear folks,

Thank you for signing up for our event.

At last night’s event, we have asked Top Performers from current batch to share their learning experiences and also got a China Utility analyst based in HK to share about the life as a sell-side analyst.

Selection Process
(1) CV and questionaire submission to springboard@scholarsvillage.com by 24 Mar (Wed), 5pm HK/SG Time.
Need to indicate your selection for Resume/ Coaching/ Equity Research.

(2) Qualifying Quiz [20 MCQs in 1hr] on 27 March (Sat), 9.00-11.00AM– for Equity Research Only
All applicants for Equity Research Training Program must go thru this quiz and score 70% to qualify for next round.
Quiz will be 1hr and then another 45mins-1hr for me to go thru the answers (aka a tutorial).
Venue will disclosed to applicants only.

(3) Phone interview
- by Engyew for Resume project
- by Ben for Coaching project
- by Team Leads for Equity Research Training Program

(4) Probation stage — for Equity Research Only
Applicants reaching this stage will be given 1-2 appetizer assignments to work on, to test their turnaround time and quality of work, before taken into the Training Program.

Have a good day.

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From: Yo-man 
Sent: Saturday, 13 March, 2010 21:57
Subject: Fw: “Evening of Opportunity” Season Two with experience sharing by Team Leads [17 Mar 10]

Dear all,

As we move into the last 5days towards our event, we have prepared a brief outline of our event for your benefit:

645pm    Registration starts

715pm    Welcome speech by Engyew, Scholars Village
725pm    Update on Coaching Program by Ben

745pm    Brief intro (~5min) by Yo-man on Training for Equity Research Assistant
[Sharing of Learning Experiences by Team Leads/ Top performers from current batch ~20mins]
Launch of Selection Process for new batch of Equity Research Assistants (~15mins)

830pm    Free-and-easy Networking

Look forward to seeing you next Wed.
Have a good wkend.

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From: Yo-man
Sent: Thursday, 04 March, 2010 22:47
Subject: Fw: “Evening of Opportunity” Season Two with experience sharing by Team Leads [17 Mar 10]

Dear All,

Some of you came to our “Evening of Opportunity” event on 12 Dec 09 aimed to help you get into the Finance Industry [email thread under http://www.scholarsvillage.com/index.php/scholars-village-on-the-news ].  We saw a strong turnout of ~40ppl and subsequently received over 20 applications for the Coaching/ Resume/ Equity Research projects under the SpringBoard Program.

Over the past two months, we have found some new talent and passion among the new batch, some of whom are very likely to become the new generation of Team Lead(s).  We have also received numerous requests for such an opportunity again, especially from those who missed the event last year. For those interested, some of the current Team Leads / top performers will be sharing their experiences with us at the occasion.

Hence, Season 2 is back!  Ben, Eng Yew and Yo-Man will come together once again to offer Coaching, Resume and Equity Research Projects to talents passionate to join the financial industry.

Event Details
Date/ Time: 17 Mar (Wed), 7-9pm
Venue: Ooster’s Bar @ Capital Square [25 Church Street #01-04]

Cost [for a housepour + opportunity to learn and network with people + sharing of experiences by Team Leads / top performers]:
$15 for CFA members/ candidates and university students  [pls provide CFA Reg No or Student ID No upon registration] 
$20 for all others

Everybody will pay at the doorstep, but please register at [ http://www.apesnap.com/event/springboard003 ] to reserve a place as we have limited capacity at the event venue.
Have a good weekend, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


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