Near 100% Improvement

In 2010, I’m glad to have witnessed another year of near 100% improvement in not only my students, but ALL the students of Scholars’ Village.

Just as a few more successful tutors have said on TV, practice really works. Like for Scholars’ Village, they have made practice meaningful for students to improve more than they would by themselves. It gives me great pleasure to introduce a few of our top tutors at Scholars’ Village, who have also managed to make the difference for our students.

Ms Zhu – Maths

Affectionately known as Teacher Roslin, Ms Zhu is a highly dedicated and effective teacher. Her students adore her, because she loves her students in her strict but loving manner. They enjoy Maths much more after taking her classes despite having a lot of exercises and practices, and hence improve in their grades in Maths. She has a small pyramid of Teacher’s Day gifts at her desk, that we are all envious of.

Mr John Tan – English

John is a very friendly and smart English tutor. From the students’ first few exercises, he can see the strengths and weaknesses from students, and work on a plan to help them improve. He is gifted in connecting with his students who all enjoy his stories and teaching. Their grades all improve under his care, including one student who is a sportsman with a relatively short attention span.

Mr Daniel – Physics

Mr Daniel is a strict but loving teacher who specializes in helping students who learn more slowly. His students sing praises of his dedication and determination in helping them. He is always persistent in his efforts to ensure that his students learn and love the learning.

Mr Pan – Secondary Science / Maths

Mr Pan is a humble, quiet and hardworking teacher. One of his students achieved A1 in his A Maths preliminary exams, despite having failed for most of his exams in secondary 3; while another improved from being a below-average student to top 5 in class within 3 months. We are sure that his hard work in helping students learn can benefit his students more in the years ahead.

Mr Ng – JC / Sec Sch Maths

Mr Ng is a highly experienced teacher who has helped HCJC and RJC students out of D grades to B/A grades. His strong background in learning pedagogy helps his students learn more effectively.

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